Green Flooring Products

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Blue Star Opportunities Corp. is a producer and supplier of environmentally friendly flooring and other components used in renovation and construction of office,  commercial,  retail space, and multi-unit dwellings under its Duro Design brand. Products include materials for flooring  that are traditionally made of wood offered at direct factory prices.

The company serves architects, designers and real estate managers offering more than 30 lines of traditional oak, maple, hickory and many other types of wood in all sizes including larger width and length flooring. It is a leader in LEED certified cork and bamboo flooring offered in hundreds of beautiful hand finished colors also offered at factory prices.

All of the company diversified wood product lines are offered through a long established network of value added resellers and independent agents located in all major markets throughout the US and Canada. The company has also began to sell products direct to consumers, opening  Duro Design factory outlets strategically located in high traffic commercial areas

Company clients include institutions, museums, churches, retail chains as well as individual homeowners. We also have a solid supply chain that enables bidding and supplying major projects with the greatest efficiency and flexibility.

Recent Expansion

As the housing and construction industries have began to grow again, the Company's expansion is focused on meeting an ever growing demand for flooring that is natural and reflect modern fashion trends. Products are made of certified leading-edge green materials but also natural quality wood in the retail residential housing and construction and commercial installation markets. Our use of renewable and sustainable flooring materials, coupled with our low-VOC finishing system will continue demonstrating our commitment to environmental design. The company is listed and trades on the OTC market.  The Company has no debt and is financing its expansion from revenues generated by sales. Click here for a complete description of our products and services, and a gallery of some of our finished products.

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